Thielman, Nathan

Position: Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University

Background: Dr. Thielman’s research focuses on a range of clinical and social issues that affect persons living with or at risk for HIV infection in resource-poor regions in the rural southeastern U.S. and in sub-Saharan Africa. Internationally, he is working with colleagues in the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Duke Global Health Institute to understand the acceptability and impact of HIV voluntary counseling and testing services in rural parts of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania and how psychosocial, demographic, and economic characteristics affect the health outcomes of those found to be HIV-infected. Domestically, he is the Clinical Site Leader for Duke’s Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, and non-clinical trials research focuses on health disparities in HIV care in the rural southeastern U.S.

Contact Information: (919)668.5158

OVC Wellbeing Content:

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