Kasirye, Rogers

Position: Fellow at the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University Executive Director, Uganda Youth Development Links

Background: Rogers Kasirye, from Kampala, Uganda, received his BA in Social Work and Social Administration in 1991 and an MA in Human Rights in 2001 from Makerere University, Kampala. He has consulted with both local non-governmental organizations and international agencies, including WHO, UNODC ILO/IPECICF-Macro, and UNICEF, where he has been involved in the planning, implementation, advocacy and evaluation of programs related to child labor, street and slum children in Uganda and East Africa.

Mr. Kasirye’s past research has focused on juvenile drug abuse and sexual risk behaviors and AIDS awareness among street girls in Kampala. He has participated in NIDA-supported collaborative research designed to adapt materials on substance abuse and run away youth to Uganda. He is currently Executive Director of the Uganda Youth Development Link, and serves as scientific advisor to the Mentor Foundation and as Chairperson of the East Africa Policy Alliance, an NGO consortium. During his Fellowship year at VCU, Mr. Kasirye wants to learn more about substance prevention and policy work in the US and explore ways of improving the policy environment in Uganda.

Mr. Kasiryer also writes a blog for the World Federation Against Drugs.

Contact Information: kasiryer@yahoo.com